Pat Broadnax Jr.


Pat Broadnax Jr.

Mixed Martial Artist – Stone Mountain, GA


Pat Broadnax Jr., born in Roosevelt Long Island, New York. Raised in Stone Mountain, GA. Always wanted to do MMA since high school. He grew up watching his dad and uncles fight (street/ring). He had to fight a lot moving to Stone Mountain from New York mostly because of the way he talks. But ever since he saw Chuck Liddell put Tito to sleep with a tekken combo against the cage, he knew that’s where he belongs.


His ultimate goal in MMA is to become a champion in whatever organization he ends up at. He wants to prove to himself that he does belong. He trains sporadically because he is a father of 3 and most of the time he is just trying to figure out how to be the best dad and fighter that he can be. But now he is taking his MMA journey to the next level by starting to train consistently and as often as physically possible. Broadnax states, “before it’s all said and done, they’ll call me champion.”


Local combat sports at the highest level. Amateur mixed martial arts, kickboxing and boxing matches that you will never forget.