Our Team

Alton Edmond, Esquire


Chief Executive Officer (CEO)


Alton Edmond is an Attorney by trade and a serial entrepreneur owning and managing his own: law practice, Edmond Law that specializes in business law and criminal defense, real estate investment business and motivational speaking non-profit corporation (Edmond Inspiration). His goal is to exercise fundamental business principles, entertain audiences, and help people. It is upon his suggestion that Imperial XL Promotions will donate a portion of the proceeds from every event to a local charitable organization.


Alton’s experience in combat sports dates back to 2002 when he began wrestling. He later became a huge MMA fan and enthusiast and has trained in boxing, MMA, kickboxing, jujitsu and of course wrestling. He currently competes as an amateur MMA fighter and is 2-2 with both wins by TKO, and is coached by David DiQuollo of Unlimited Kickboxing in striking, and Marshall Kemper and Gerald Stout in Grappling.


Alton decided to found Imperial XL Promotions after competing in several MMA bouts with multiple promotions, and discovering ways that he could move combat sports forward from those experiences. His first call was to his friend and big brother of sorts, Mr. Thomas Cole, the Co-Founder of Emma Jewel Charter Academy where Alto serves as the Chair of the Governing Board.

David “Little Giant” DiQuollo


Talent Acquisition


As of 2022, Coach David DiQuollo has been a Martial Artist for 43 years. His first amateur kickboxing match at the age of 17 took place in December of 1981. He was rated the #1 kickboxer in the State of Florida. He has: a ranking of Blue Belt, with 3 red stripes in Tae Kwon Do, became a Wusu (student instructor) in Pai Lum Kung Fu, and received a Black Belt in Yoshukai Karate.


David was a Regional Golden Gloves Champion in 1984. His first Professional Kickboxing match was at the age of 19, and he quickly moved up in the World ranking to top ten after only his fifth professional fight. David won the Bantam Weight United States Championship in 1989 and retained that title until 1994. David was also rated number one in the world for five consecutive years from 1989 to 1994. His professional fight record is 29 wins to less than a third as many losses with 9.


Notable experiences:

      • He fought the first ever sanctioned Muy Thai bout, east of Las Vegas, in West Palm Beach in the mid 1980s
      • He fought the Thai Champion in Hong Kong, in 1984 and loss in a split decision in only his third professional bout
      • He had his one and only professional MMA bout in 2008 at the age of 43
      • He fought on Team USA in Brasil at age 48 and won Gold and Silver medals in two weight divisions
      • He founded Unlimited Kickboxing, Inc. in Merritt Island, in 2009 and remains Sole Owner and Head Coach to this day
      • He is the Coach for Team USA (KICK International) and has been since 2015

Gerald Stout


Logistics Coordination


Gerald Stout was born and raised in the City of Cocoa. Attending Saturn Elementary, Clearlake Middle School and eventually Cocoa High School, where he found the sport of wrestling. Growing up watching pro wrestling on Saturday mornings along with watching his brother Walter get ready for meets as a wrestler for Cocoa High School himself he wanted to follow in his footsteps. Coming from humble up bringing’s as well as on a destructive path the sport of wrestling helped turn his life in a different direction.


He befriended his high school coach who took him under his wing. Teaching him to channel his hard work and determination for good. He began working at his local restaurant chain, Long Doggers where he works for 17 years. Learning the ins and outs of every aspect of business from beginner level work all the way to management and the financial aspect of running a business.


Along with working under his mentor in his establishment, Mr. Stout was asked to help him coach at his alma mater where they met years prior. Continuing to coach after his mentor left, coaching under 7 different head coaches before taking over the program in 2020. Taking the team from a roster of 5 to 40 plus and growing. Coaching in the Cocoa community is his passion. Teaching the young men and women he comes in contact with that there is no substitution for hard work. With that Mr. Stout teaches pride in themselves, pride in their team and pride in their community. Coaching is where Mr. Stout met Mr. Alton Edmond, who serves as his assistant coach of the Cocoa High School Wrestling Team. Mr Clicking as a yin and yang to each other’s strong suits, skyrocketing the success of their wrestling squad. This is where the 2 along with the rest of the partners decided to step foot into the Combat sports promotion game.


Local combat sports at the highest level. Amateur mixed martial arts, kickboxing and boxing matches that you will never forget.