Jurace Henry


Jurace Henry

Mixed Martial Artist – Brevard County, FL


My name is Jurace Henry. My hope is that you learn a little about me as you read this biography but not just understand who I am but why you should believe in me no matter the reason for you taking the time to read this.


Born on a little island in the Caribbean called Antigua; the bigger of the sister island duo (Antigua and Barbuda) in the year 1993. In the year of 2009 as a teenager I’d move to a little town called Titusville in Florida where their provinces are divided into what are called counties which is where I reside. I train at the Unlimited Kickboxing Gym owned by my coach Mr. David Diquollo in Merrit Island which is roughly 20 miles from my home.


I first got into combat sports in the year of 2013 as an outlet. To many in my family I was a troubled teen struggling to keep it together after a recent divorce in my immediate family. There are many times I felt alone as a child and I grew into an adolescent that could only cope with life problems on my own or found ways to relieve stress through solitude. In the years of my adolescence I felt smothered and chained to my negative emotions which were fueled by the demands of the world as well as my extended family. I met my brothers in arms Duke Webb, James Devine, Kenneth Devine, Tony Baltaci, J’michael Henry just to name a few during my time in high school.


I was much more of an introvert back then but those guys became my brothers from the blood sweat and tears we shared on grass, concrete, mats, etc. I had recently quit a job and dealt with a lot of frustration from it so I spend most of my free time training with my brothers. Believe it or not it was not a lot of time. I woke up one day and said “ Duke I want to fight.” He responded “ Okay we will get you a fight!” One month later I was in the ring with a guy I had no business being in the ring with and somehow 8 minutes later I got my hand raised. I say all of this because looking back, I started fighting because I was fearful. I was afraid to stay at home because the environment only seemed to apply more pressure and irritation. I felt like I was becoming more of threat to everyone I loved by isolating myself in a corner acting like everything was fine. The talks with my uncle helped but the positive effects didn’t last long enough and I knew I needed something else. When I found my brothers I found savagery at first but once I learned I could release my emotions, I also learned that I needed discipline.


I spent 5 years trying to understand what discipline really is because fear was always behind chasing me down. Fear is still behind me but I come with a new purpose. Where fear hounds me I will replace it with faith. Faith is the things hoped for; the evidence of things not seen….. My goal is to replace my fear with Faith. I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me!


Local combat sports at the highest level. Amateur mixed martial arts, kickboxing and boxing matches that you will never forget.