Pat Broadnax Jr.

Mixed Martial Artist – Stone Mountain, GA


Pat Broadnax Jr., born in Roosevelt Long Island, New York. Raised in Stone Mountain, GA. Always wanted to do MMA since high school. He grew up watching his dad and uncles fight (street/ring). He had to fight a lot moving to Stone Mountain from New York mostly because of the way he talks. But ever since he saw Chuck Liddell put Tito to sleep with a tekken combo against the cage, he knew that’s where he belongs.


His ultimate goal in MMA is to become a champion in whatever organization he ends up at. He wants to prove to himself that he does belong. He trains sporadically because he is a father of 3 and most of the time he is just trying to figure out how to be the best dad and fighter that he can be. But now he is taking his MMA journey to the next level by starting to train consistently and as often as physically possible. Broadnax states, “before it’s all said and done, they’ll call me champion.”

Jake Marion “Realbushido”

Mixed Martial Artist – Enterprise, AL


He is a US Army infantry veteran, who served in the 101st Airborne. After he got out of the army in 2018 he was severely depressed & suicidal. His life was purposeless.


Six months after the army, he started doing Jiujitsu & Kickboxing as an outlet, and a way to cope with the adaptation back into civilian life. Martial arts saved him, and revived his life purpose.


During Covid his gym closed down, & he started solely focusing on Kickboxing & Muay Thai. He took his first fight in March of 2021, and after the fight, he decided that fighting was what he wanted to do as his career.


His goal became, and still is to compete for ONE championship. On this journey he has realized, from the wins, losses & draws… that there is a bigger purpose here.


To him this is not about winning or losing, but rather something far greater…it is to spread the virtues of Bushido. To show the world by example, that honorable & respectful warriors still exist in our society today. These ways are not dead, they are not forgotten.


He is Nak Muay, a spiritual warrior. It is his life’s mission to display his craft, to be a shining light and inspire others. To show that, there is always hope, and that it is never too late to turn your life around.

Duke Webb

Mixed Martial Artist – Titusville, FL


Duke Webb, a mixed martial artist fighting out of Titusville Florida he has been fighting since he was 17 years old. For over 12 years he has been training in multiple disciplines.


He has a record of 3-1 as a mixed martial artist, 4-2 as a kickboxer, 2-0 as a boxer. Duke has also earned a Brazilian Jujitsu Purple Belt under Bill Johnson and a Karate Black Belt under Joe Laughlin. He inspires to eventually pursue a professional career in combat sports.

Richard Jones

Grappler – Brevard County, FL


Started wrestling at age 11. 2x Cape Coast Conf Champion, 2x District Champion, 2x Regional Champion, 1x state runner up,1x state champion for Merritt Island High. Freestyle Champion 1x, All American 1 x (7th). York College of Penn starter Freshmen year on, lead team in pins as senior, 2nd in wins. 2x Metro Conf placer.


Head Coaching Merritt Island 1997-2000,Cocoa Beach 2001, Space Coast 2008 . 4 state champions coached (2 male 2 female). MMA-Wrestling Instructor at The Works. Color Commentator-Breakthrough MMA, American Combat League, Imperial.


Match Maker- Real Cage Fighting, Mo Muscle MMA. Judge-Real Cage Fighting, American Combat League, MoMuscle MMA. Competitor MoMuscle MMA (Aged 49 and 50 1 win,1 draw)

Jurace Henry

Mixed Martial Artist – Brevard County, FL


My name is Jurace Henry. My hope is that you learn a little about me as you read this biography but not just understand who I am but why you should believe in me no matter the reason for you taking the time to read this.


Born on a little island in the Caribbean called Antigua; the bigger of the sister island duo (Antigua and Barbuda) in the year 1993. In the year of 2009 as a teenager I’d move to a little town called Titusville in Florida where their provinces are divided into what are called counties which is where I reside. I train at the Unlimited Kickboxing Gym owned by my coach Mr. David Diquollo in Merrit Island which is roughly 20 miles from my home.


I first got into combat sports in the year of 2013 as an outlet. To many in my family I was a troubled teen struggling to keep it together after a recent divorce in my immediate family. There are many times I felt alone as a child and I grew into an adolescent that could only cope with life problems on my own or found ways to relieve stress through solitude. In the years of my adolescence I felt smothered and chained to my negative emotions which were fueled by the demands of the world as well as my extended family. I met my brothers in arms Duke Webb, James Devine, Kenneth Devine, Tony Baltaci, J’michael Henry just to name a few during my time in high school.


I was much more of an introvert back then but those guys became my brothers from the blood sweat and tears we shared on grass, concrete, mats, etc. I had recently quit a job and dealt with a lot of frustration from it so I spend most of my free time training with my brothers. Believe it or not it was not a lot of time. I woke up one day and said “ Duke I want to fight.” He responded “ Okay we will get you a fight!” One month later I was in the ring with a guy I had no business being in the ring with and somehow 8 minutes later I got my hand raised. I say all of this because looking back, I started fighting because I was fearful. I was afraid to stay at home because the environment only seemed to apply more pressure and irritation. I felt like I was becoming more of threat to everyone I loved by isolating myself in a corner acting like everything was fine. The talks with my uncle helped but the positive effects didn’t last long enough and I knew I needed something else. When I found my brothers I found savagery at first but once I learned I could release my emotions, I also learned that I needed discipline.


I spent 5 years trying to understand what discipline really is because fear was always behind chasing me down. Fear is still behind me but I come with a new purpose. Where fear hounds me I will replace it with faith. Faith is the things hoped for; the evidence of things not seen….. My goal is to replace my fear with Faith. I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me!


Local combat sports at the highest level. Amateur mixed martial arts, kickboxing and boxing matches that you will never forget.